Endo Urology Disposables

Nidhi Meditech System Provides genuine endo urological disposables like Double Pigtail Ureteral stent, Mono "J" Stent, Endopylotomy stent, Ureteric catheters etc. All the endourological disposables manufactured & as per ISO 13485 : 2003 and CE 1023 standards.

All the products manufactured from tecoflex grade Polyurethanes according to ISO-10993 series

In general, the ease of processing and high strength of polyurethane makes them the material of choice in medical devices. Polyurethanes pass the tests of bio-compatibility and chemical stability. They can be easily loaded with radiopaque material for X-ray detection. However, the major advantages of polyurethane are their thermolability that makes them very soft inside the body, minimizing the sense of discomfort associated with implantable foreign body. Nidhi double loop stent is made of tecoflex, which has the maximum degree of softening inside the body. It has a wide margin of durometer extending from very soft to very hard with different sizes and length according to the physician specification.


  • Durable with superior bio-compatibility
  • Thin wall (provides potency and good drainage)
  • Atraumatic insertion is revealed quite smooth
  • Minimized tissue irritation with easy but rapid Atraumatic insertion
  • Cost effective

Double Pigtail
Ureteral Stent

Double Pigtail Ureteral Stent Set

Ureteric Catheter
(Open End )

Ureteric Catheter
(Close End )

Mono J Stent
(Without Needle)

Mono J Stent
(With Needle)

Mono J Stent

Malecot Nephrostomy Catheter (Without Needle)

Malecot Nephrstomy
(With Needle)


Stone Retrieval Basket- Stainless Steel Wire (TIPLESS)

Stone Retrieval Basket- Stainless
Steel Wire

Stone Retrieval Basket-
Nitinol Wire (TIPLESS)

Stone Retrieval Basket-
Nitinol Wire

Ureteral Dilators

Fascial Dilators Set